My Life Next Door

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Rachael says:
This book is exactly why I read and love YA, and especially, YA romance. The love in this book spans not just between Sam and Jase, but between siblings, parent/child, and friendships. Th book exemplifies the spirit of the intense, fleeting emotions we once felt--and could still feel now, if we allowed it. Most of all, this book reached that part of me that used to look out my window for that something or someone to sweep me off my feet (which, thank goodness, that someone has!). Highly recommend!MoreLess
My Life Next Door
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Guest 2 months ago

I enjoyed reading the part of the book that was available. Wish i would have known this was only a sample of the book if i had i never would have started it.

Myda_2017 11 months ago

I like this book

Guest 11 months ago

loved this book, was hoping for more of an ending though. If you search it, you can find the rest of the book online, its great!

Guest a year ago

Loved this book

Guest a year ago

I want more of an ending but this book is great.

Guest a year ago

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